Letters to the Editor

Dirkse puts needs of others above himself

Why am I voting for Jeff Dirkse for sheriff? Jeff Dirkse is a man who cares deeply for all people. As a young man he farmed alongside his father, a man he looked up to and trusted. As time went on, he knew as much as he loved farming his calling was helping and protecting his fellow man. When 9/11 shook us to our roots, Jeff knew it was time to leave the safety of the family farm and stand beside the courageous men and women who were bravely fighting for our safety.

I will always be grateful to those like Jeff who are willing to put their lives on the line. Jeff didn’t just fight for those he knew personally, he fought for those he had never met because he cares for all. He wanted us to be safe, he wants our children and their children to be safe. This is Jeff Dirkse’s character.

We are blessed to be able to vote for a man so dedicated and highly qualified to be our next sheriff! A man we can trust!

Winnie Mullins, Oakdale