Letters to the Editor

Juan Alanis can’t keep his stories straight

I am frustrated by politicians who change their positions to suit the audience they’re speaking to. Take sheriff candidate Juan Alanis.

Multiple times, he has clearly said he supports the concept of a “Constitutional Sheriff.” People who believe that think a sheriff has the right to enforce – or not – laws as he sees fit. It’s a radical and dangerous idea rejected by responsible law enforcement professionals. In other settings, Alanis flip-flops and claims not to know what being a “Constitutional Sheriff” means.

Alanis also claims to have 23 years experience in the Sheriff’s Department, by including 5 years as an Explorer Scout. Really? It’s the same with his claim to have been “acting police chief” in Hughson and Waterford. Why exaggerate?

Alanis drew attention to a botched endorsement from the Police Officers Research Association of California, but didn’t tell anyone it was rescinded.

Last fall, Alanis publicly endorsed a civilian review committee, which would allow non-professionals to judge his staff. It’s a terrible idea. Later, he said he misunderstood the question.

I want a sheriff who is consistent, who doesn’t change his position to suit who he’s talking to. That’s not Juan Alanis.

Richard Eidson, Turlock