Letters to the Editor

It’s the Andy Griffith Show, starring Dirkse as Andy and Alanis as Barney

The campaign between Jeff Dirkse and Juan Alanis for Sheriff reminds me of the Andy Griffith Show I watched as a kid. It’s the episodes where Barney Fife, the deputy, thinks he can be the sheriff. Juan is like Barney Fife.

While Barney makes a good deputy, he can’t handle everything that goes along with being the man in charge. He thinks since he has been a deputy so long, it automatically means he’ll be a good sheriff. Andy lets Barney play sheriff for a day, and Barney learns there is a whole lot more to it than just wearing the badge. Barney points out that Andy doesn’t wear a tie and uses Andy’s laid-back demeanor to try to discredit him. Meanwhile Barney brags about any accomplishment he’s had.

Maybe that’s the difference. Jeff, like Andy, is humble, down to earth, comfortable with who he is and knows he can lead. He’s done it. He doesn’t need to make a big show about things, he just gets the job done. Dirkse is a sheriff people can respect. He has been a successful leader in our military, in local law enforcement and will make a great leader as sheriff.

Joe Kahler, Ceres