Letters to the Editor

Military service isn’t a negative and Christianson’s not on the ballot

I’m struck by much of the news coverage and the social media posts regarding the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s election. Three things stand out:

▪ When did military service become a negative factor in candidate selection? The teamwork, mutual reliance, commitment to community and training that is the hallmark of the American military brings added value to law enforcement. That’s one reason so many veterans join law enforcement, and we are better off for it.

▪ When did it become acceptable for candidates to blithely claim to be a member of extremist associations and then simply state that he didn’t know what the group stood for? A “constitutional sheriff” believes the office of sheriff is the final arbiter of what laws can or cannot be enforced in a community. That’s right, the county sheriff, not the state or federal government or the courts. I thought this issue was resolved in 1865, when we (the United States) won the civil war.

▪ If you hate Adam Christianson or love Adam Christianson, you’ve missed your chance to vote for or against him. He isn’t on the ballot.

I’m for Jeff Dirkse!

Mike Lynch, Turlock