Letters to the Editor

Two nice candidates for sheriff, but Dirkse is the clear choice

Patterson police chief Jeff Dirkse is clearly the best candidate for Sheriff of Stanislaus County.

While his opponent is certainly a very nice and likeable person, he simply lacks the ability to manage and lead an organization as complex as the Sheriff’s Office.

Ever-changing laws, mandates, financial challenges, personnel issues and many other daily logistical issues demand a highly motivated and qualified person to lead the way. Chief Dirkse absolutely possesses the ability, experience and energy needed to accomplish what needs to be done.

I was privileged to supervise Chief Dirkse in multiple assignments and have witnessed first-hand his many talents and outstanding leadership qualities. Chief Dirkse will continue to grow the organization through difficult times. He will accomplish this by forging strong community partnerships, collaborative relationships with other public service agencies and most certainly by involving all Sheriff’s Office staff.

Join me in endorsing and supporting Chief Jeff Dirkse for the office of sheriff.

Mick Hardenbrook, retired Stanislaus County Undersheriff, Ripon