Letters to the Editor

Dirkse a true leader; he’ll make a difference in Sheriff’s Office

I am a current resident in Modesto but former resident of Patterson where Jeff Dirkse is the chief of police. Jeff is a true leader! I have only known him for a short period of time, but in that time I was able to collect the facts about him and I am 110 percent sure he is the right choice for Stanislaus sheriff.

When I first heard about Jeff, I did my research and found out about all the great things he has done for the Sheriff's Department, for Patterson, for his family and for his country.

Jeff was a leader in the military, which means he can handle pressure and stressful scenarios. He has worked at the Sheriff’s Department long enough to understand the pressures of working as a deputy and other positions in the department. He is a devoted man who has dignity, pride and strength. My husband also works for the Sheirffs Department and will also be voting for him. Jeff has some wonderful plans for the department and the community. I am proud to support and endorse Jeff Dirkse! Thank you for your service!

Kristy Parker, Modesto