Letters to the Editor

Voters shouldn’t be afraid to elect someone willing, ready to lead

The run for the next Stanislaus County sheriff is approaching the finish line (June 5) and I have a tough time understanding why some folks are taking exception to Jeff Dirkse’s campaign slogan – “Prepared to Lead.” On social media and in The Bee’s letters to the editor, people have bashed, slapped, attacked and spat at the word “lead.” Are they afraid of something?

I believe they are afraid of what they don’t know – and that is Jeff Dirkse as a person. Is Jeff a leader? He certainly is, having proved that with his life choices. Jeff exudes confidence, not arrogance. He feels empathy, understands concerns and seeks solutions. He can admit mistakes or lack of knowledge, but then moves on, learning along the way. Jeff is passionate about his work; passion creates great leaders. Jeff also is a person, just like you and me. Get to know the person. Having a leader is a bonus for all of us. Elect Jeff Dirkse for Stanislaus County Sheriff on June 5.

Monica Della Maggiore, Patterson