Letters to the Editor

After knowing him for 39 years, Jeff Dirkse has my complete trust

I have known Jeff Dirkse (and his wife Sandi) for over 39 years. Throughout his education, Jeff has always been full of drive and purpose. His purpose in life, to serve his country and community with integrity and selflessness, is abundantly clear. Jeff is a natural leader. He has healthy and supportive relationships within law enforcement in Stanislaus County. These relationships, proven by how many highly experienced law enforcement officers and employees support him, are a vital part of a seamless transition to becoming sheriff.

Jeff has the experience, passion and proven record of someone who should be at the highest level of leadership in our county. I have watched him in the trenches with his team, tackle tough and complicated issues, and I trust Jeff, and only Jeff, to be an effective leader. He is very familiar with, and prepared to deal with, staffing and budget issues. If we were to ever experience a tragic situation in our county, I trust Jeff to be swift and decisive. I am voting for Jeff Dirkse for Sheriff.

Shelly Koch, Turlock