Letters to the Editor

I’d share a foxhole with Dirkse, and vote for him for sheriff

“Prepared to Lead” is the tagline on Jeff Dirkse’s campaign posters for Sheriff. Campaign slogans can be catchy and full of empty promises. Wanting to know why this slogan was any different, I perused all the online and print media available.

I found testimonial after testimonial of military men and women under Jeff Dirkses’ command praising his leadership and command presence. I found the same testimonials from deputies, not only under his direct command but throughout the department. These testimonials put names and faces to the tagline “Prepared to Lead” and validated it. It becomes a statement of fact, not just an empty promise.

As a veteran, I know that praise and respect for a leader is earned, not freely given. These testimonials are enough for me. By way of endorsing Jeff Dirkse for Sheriff, I give the highest compliment one combat vet can give to another: “Jeff Dirkse, I would share a foxhole with you any day.”

Tom LaBarbera, Modesto