Letters to the Editor

Choice for Stanislaus sheriff is abundantly clear: Jeff Dirkse

One candidate for sheriff, Jeff Dirkse, went to West Point, became an Army Ranger and later was a National Guard commander in Iraq. After September 11, he voluntarily rejoined the military. He also ran a large farming business. His opponent, Juan Alanis, has no military or business experience.

Dirkse has received multiple military medals – including a Bronze Star – and sheriff’s commendations. His opponent once rescued three people from a burning apartment.

In 11 years with the Sheriff’s Department, Dirkse has risen from patrol officer to sergeant, detective and now lieutenant serving as police chief in Patterson. His opponent only recently became a sergeant.

Dirkse manages nearly 30 people today. In the military, he led units of up to 120 soldiers. His opponent oversees a few deputies.

Dirkse’s opponent seems nice, but does not have anywhere near the experience.

Jeff Dirkse is a proven leader, tested under the most intense conditions. Sheriff Adam Christianson and more than 500 local law enforcement professionals have endorsed him. Juan Alanis didn’t even earn the endorsement of his own sergeants union.

The choice is clear on June 5. Jeff Dirkse has my vote for sheriff.

Fiona Oshana, Turlock