Letters to the Editor

Dirkse will help the Sheriff’s Office, and the staff, grow and improve

I first met Jeff Dirkse at the Sheriff’s Department as we were car partners assigned as detectives to the Sheriff’s STING team. From Day 1, Jeff absolutely impressed me. He was humble and hard working. Something that stood out even back then was his commitment and dedication to his home – Stanislaus County. He wanted to help make it a place for his family to grow.

As we have progressed through our careers, Jeff has become a mentor to myself and others. I have observed all the employees who come and seek his guidance. He is dedicated to helping all employees of the Sheriff’s Office develop, learn and progress professionally and personally.

Jeff is committed to developing the Sheriff’s Department with progressive leadership and vision. Perhaps my favorite trait of Jeff’s is that, as a leader, he holds the members of his team accountable but allows them the latitude to make their own decisions and get the job done. Jeff Dirkse has earned my vote after having worked with him over the past 10 years. Stanislaus County would be lucky to have Jeff Dirkse as our next Sheriff.

Joshua Clayton, Hughson