Letters to the Editor

For Dirkse, it’s all about service and sacrifice; never about himself

Jeff Dirkse should be elected sheriff of Stanislaus County for his passion and love of country, and his career as a person who has sacrificed and served for all of us.

I recently asked Jeff to speak at my office, and tell us why he should be our sheriff. Jeff never talked about “I” or “me”; it was always about “us,” and his desire to serve and protect us.

One of Jeff’s major goals is to recruit new men and women into the Sheriff’s Department. We have a serious shortage of qualified officers. Jeff is the one to bring our Sheriff’s Department to full capacity. I know the Dirkse family, and Jeff’s lifetime goal is serving as our sheriff. His qualifications are too many to mention, but the passion in his heart and fire in his gut tells all. Listen to Jeff talk for 5 minutes, and you’ll see all the reasons Jeff should be our next Sheriff. Jeff is prepared to lead.

Ron Fair, Denair