Letters to the Editor

Jeff Dirkse is a skilled leader and we need him as our next sheriff

This is a letter in support of the candidacy of Jeff Dirkse for sheriff. I have known Jeff and his wife Sandi for many years. Both were excellent students in my U.S. History honors class at Turlock High School and I had the pleasure of coaching Jeff in football and wrestling. Since then I've followed Jeff's academic career at West Point and his professional service in the US Army, farming and in law enforcement. What has always been consistent with Jeff, are his ethics, intelligence, hard work and strong sense of service to family, community and country. I remember asking him following the outbreak of the second Gulf War, why was he voluntarily returning to active duty after already completing his service obligation and assuming civilian life? He responded with something like the following: "The people of America paid for my education and trained me to be a soldier. Now they need me and it is my duty to go." So he left his wife and young family and went Iraq where he led men into battle. Duty, honor and service: that's Jeff Dirkse. His leadership is tested and proven. We need him as our next sheriff.

Wayne Hinds, Turlock