Letters to the Editor

Pablo Torres: We need candidates who will stand up to NRA, corporations

Another senseless tragedy, this time in Parkland, Fla. Again, sympathetic (or just pathetic?) lip service from the GOP. Thoughts and prayers for those affected. But that’s all. At this rate, we will have seen 122 school shootings by Dec. 31. Will we toast? Or will we be one in 122?

Will Jeff Denham still be our representative? Denham has received $62,900 from the pro-gun lobby, mostly the NRA. The NRA would have us believe there are only two sides: guns or no guns. I look to those promoting responsible gun ownership; those who rely on contributions from individuals, not lobbyists or corporations.

Josh Harder, Democratic candidate for Congress, supports safe gun ownership. One-hundred percent of Harder’s contributors are from real human beings. For our children’s sake, for the safety of all in our community, we need candidates who will represent us – not the gun lobby. Not any lobby or any company. Just ordinary citizens like us, with just one vote. Let’s change the game now. Politics in a time of tragedy? Don’t kid yourself. The GOP has politicized this for decades. It’s time we return the favor.

Pablo Torres, Modesto