Letters to the Editor

Amy Shin: Health Plan of San Joaquin applauded for its performance

In 2017, Health Plan of San Joaquin focused on our commitment to community building, one of our core strengths. Now, is we’re looking forward to meeting lingering Central Valley economic challenges to healthcare for our members and community.

The nationally recognized Commonwealth Fund wrote in its report “Health Care Improvement in Stockton, California: Collaboration, Capacity Building, and Medicaid Expansion,” that “The Northern California region … stands out along with Akron, Ohio, for having improved on more performance measures than any other region.” The Fund noted that improvement was helped by “supportive state policy and the market dominance of a locally governed Medicaid managed care plan (HPSJ).

“With 90 percent of the market share in San Joaquin County and over 60 percent in Stanislaus County and long-standing relationships with nearly all local health providers – it has been in the community for 20 years – the insurer has the leverage to promote broad-scale performance improvements.”

Healthcare cannot exist in a vacuum, and HPSJ is well positioned to leverage limited resources and unlimited relationships to go above and beyond, from convening an opioids crisis collaboration to pioneering local palliative care partnerships.

As the major, local not-for-profit public health plan, we invite all to look at our report, “Improving Health Through – Community, Collaborations & Connection” (hpsj.com/About Us) and hear from some local partners on ways we’re working to strengthen our community’s health.

Amy Shin, CEO, Health Plan of San Joaquin, French Camp