Letters to the Editor

Buda Kajer-Crain: Denham proved he’s part of the lemming pack

Re “Denham’s deflections ensured acrimony” (Page 3A, April 19): Jeff Jardine’s column was spot-on. I attended the town hall, and I was dismayed at how Jeff Denham continually did the deflect-and-redirect dance. He seemed to believe that his constituency wasn’t intelligent enough to notice he rarely answered a question directly.

The only time I heard a yes or no answer was after he was asked if Trump should release his taxes, and, of course, his answer was no. No surprise there.

Denham did concede that human activity has a negative effect on climate change. That was a surprise, though I doubt he will do anything to prevent Trump from gutting the EPA. What I found baffling was Denham’s inability to understand that Social Security and the ACA are not “broken.” The programs might have problems, but they can be fixed. They shouldn’t be discarded and replaced by poorly thought-out plans. Republicans in Congress are following Trump’s ignorance like lemmings, and Denham is right there in the pack.

Buda Kajer-Crain, Modesto