Letters to the Editor

Yvonne Hudson: Jeff Denham, do you believe President Trump a moral man?

I attended the Jeff Denham town hall on April 17. A clear message was sent! The Trump/Denham supporters were dwarfed by anti-Trump/Denham constituents of our very “red” district. If I had been able to ask my question of Jeff Denham, it would have been the following: Mr. Denham, policies aside, do you believe in your heart that President Trump is a moral and ethical person, and, if you do or don’t, does it not set a very low bar for how the rest of civilized society treats each other in our private and public lives? This role model we now have in the White House has gotten away with everything he said and did in the campaign, the election, the presidency and probably his whole life (never apologizing for anything), can we now assume that we can say whatever we want or do whatever we want and not be held accountable? Really?

When is “enough” going to be “enough” for you and your fellow Republicans? Or is this just the new “normal”? 2018 is just around the corner! Worried?

Yvonne Hudson, Modesto