Letters to the Editor

Heath Flora: Does state really need these unaccountable bureaucrats?

Re “Agriculture still faces hit in updated river flow plan” (Front page, Sept. 16): The State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) is either oblivious to the pain they are causing our community or simply don’t care. Their mandates on water supply are drying up farms, killing our economy and sucking the life out of our communities. These unelected bureaucrats are slowly but surely destroying our economy and thus our way of life.

We must reform the state government so that only elected officials can make these life-and-death decisions. The legislature funds the SWRCB annually with over $2 million. As a taxpayer, I’m repulsed by the fact that I’m paying the salary of bureaucrats who don’t care that they are condemning our farms and our communities to a slow and painful death. We should look seriously into whether or not this funding is a necessary part of the state budget. Please join Assemblymembers Kristin Olsen and Adam Gray, as well as myself, by sending an email to Stop The Regulatory Drought: www.stoptheregulatorydrought.com

Heath Flora, Assembly Candidate, District 12