Letters to the Editor

Kathleen Blom: What made Amy Bublak a great cop makes her a great councilwoman

Amy Bublak is the right person for a second term as Turlock City Council member. Amy has done a good job staying on top of safety and financial issues. These are the same traits Amy had as a police officer at the Modesto Police Department. I had the good fortune to supervise Amy for several years while she worked at MPD. Amy was a dream employee for a supervisor. She was highly intelligent and had a great work ethic.

I worked with Amy not only on patrol but also in the Community Policing Unit. This unit handled all quality-of-life issues including any with businesses, drug nuisance houses and homelessness. Officers in this unit were chosen because of their ability to work independently and creatively. Amy routinely collaborated with many allied agencies, non-profit organizations and citizens to find long-term solutions to nagging issues. Amy worked daily with citizens and was in touch with the issues important to them. Amy is highly motivated and innovative; she clearly understands what her community wants.

Kathleen Blom, Modesto