Diane Kroeze: Thoughts on 100 Day Committee

Re “Council to consider budget panel report” (Page 2B, July 3): The 100 Day Committee composed of mostly CEOs, one CPA, two new city council members and of course our new mayor. It must have been an exhausting job. I only wish more people were on it that understood government.

Some things leaped out:

1. Don't fill staff jobs in city government that are presently vacant. Do we assume departments never needed those people? What about efficiency? More good jobs lost.

2. Possibly get rid of 911 emergency dispatch. The whole reason for them was to make it easier to get help. Fix the problems. Don't start over.

3. They want to hand off the McHenry Mansion and Museum to non-profit folks and shed responsibility. This is called privatizing.

4. They forecast a very dire budget future for Modesto. Have they seen the new property taxes? What about reserves?

5. Assist blighted neighborhoods. Good, BUT SELLING off small parks, usually in poorer places, is not the way to help achieve that.

Some ideas are just common sense, but please don't be like the Chamber of Commerce and advocate concrete and asphalt instead of trees.

Diane Kroeze, Modesto