SHORT TAKE: A couple of comments on other election issues

  • Criminal. That's the only word that applies for the attack that occurred Sunday on a Proposition 8 supporter in front of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. This initiative is controversial, but physical assault is never justified.

  • Campaign signs are being destroyed or taken from yards of people willing to take a stand on a race or issue. Unfortunately, this kind of vandalism happens every election. People active in politics say they aren't hearing about an unusually high number of incidents this year. Victims usually blame the opponents, but that's not always the case. For instance, some large "Yes on S" signs have disappeared. "We suspect that it is people stealing the steel stakes that hold up the large signs and getting money for them at the junk yard," says Paul Van Konynenburg, co-chair of the "Yes on S" campaign. We've always suspected that some signs are destroyed by the same sort of punks who can't resist swiping pumpkins and plants off other people's front porches.
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