The Modesto Bee moves to digital Saturdays this week

As we announced in August, The Modesto Bee will stop delivering a Saturday printed newspaper beginning Nov. 9.

We still will have a Saturday “paper,” it’ll just be delivered to your computer, tablet and phone via our eEdition. You’ll receive it — like all other eEditions throughout the week — by 6 a.m.

You will find Saturday’s offerings like all others — filled with local and national news and sports, comics, puzzles and more. Fridays in our newsroom won’t change. Our tireless reporters will roll in and continue to report on the issues important to our readers.

It’s just that the next day, The Bee — and its content — will arrive to devices, not doorsteps or driveways.

In addition, we are making enhancements to our Friday and Sunday print products. On Fridays, we’ll add a “good news” themed section called “Uplift.” We’ll also add a page of puzzles. On Sundays, we’ll publish the comics and puzzles from Saturday — in addition to Sunday’s.

Having been a newspaper subscriber nearly my entire life, I understand the frustration of those who want the physical newspaper. I hear from subscribers and neighbors — that they like the feel of the newspaper, the portability and the shareability, especially at the breakfast table.

Nevertheless, business models, technology and industry change. The Bee — and McClatchy as a whole — remained vigilant in physically delivering a newspaper seven days a week when others went another direction.

But, we have to move forward — skate to where the puck is going, as they say. Our continued digital conversion is going to be critical to our future ability to offer local journalism and stories you can’t find anywhere else.

So, to our loyal print subscribers, I have a request: If you have not done so already, activate your digital accounts. Not only will you have access to Saturday’s printed Bee, but access via the eEdition every day. And take a look at our “Extra, Extra” Edition, which offers an additional 50 or so pages behind The Bee with national, world, business, political, entertainment and sports news in newspaper format.

Currently, 41 percent of our print subscribers have activated their digital accounts. We would like to get to 100 percent so you can enjoy all of our digital products via your computer/laptop, tablet or phone. In that form, whether at home, out shopping or on vacation, The Bee travels with you.

There’s no reason not to take a minute and activate — at modbee.com/activate — and head to modbee.com or straight to our eEdition.

Print-only readers often gauge our company’s health by our print product. Remember, our digital products are really what define us now — and into the future. The Bee’s more than 1 million unique visitors monthly, our 82 million page views annually and our 3.5 million video views each year tell us that.

Those numbers are produced via the work of our award-winning reporters and photographers/videographers, who provide local journalism you can’t find anywhere else.

This Saturday, give us a digital try.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to the new delivery method, please give us a call at 800-776-4233 or email us at customerservice@modbee.com. We will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Editor Brian Clark has worked at The Modesto Bee since 1990. He’s worked in various departments, including sports, news and on the digital side for a decade before being promoted to editor in 2018. He’s a native of Berkeley and a graduate of San Diego State University. Prior to The Bee, Brian worked at the Turlock Journal and Las Vegas Review-Journal.