Turlock council candidate says her campaign signs were vandalized

TURLOCK -- A City Council candidate who has spoken out about the city's graffiti problem said she was the target of a vandalism streak last weekend that damaged more than $400 worth of campaign signs.

Mary Jackson, a Merced College journalism instructor, said about half of her 50 campaign signs were cut into strips, pulled from fences and metal stakes or stolen. The damage went south from Taylor Road all the way to Lander Avenue, she said.

"At first, I thought it was some kids," Jackson said. "But it wasn't random. It was all over the city."

Police Lt. Ron Reid said damage of more than $400 qualifies as grand theft, but police must connect all the vandalized signs as a single incident to prove it.

Carl Fogliani, a political consultant working for two council candidates -- incumbent Kurt Vander Weide and Modesto police officer Amy Bublak -- said his clients lost signs, too, but faulted the windy weather.

"I know signs were blown away from here to Yolo County for all my clients," Fogliani said in an e-mail.