A Bible, shotgun and an American flag: Alabama car dealer offers July 4th special

“God, guns and freedom!”

To celebrate the Fourth of July, an Alabama car dealership is offering a little something extra with the purchase of a car.

From now until the end of July, Chatom Ford is offering a Bible, 12-gauge shotgun and an American flag with the purchase of a new or pre-owned car, according to a post on Facebook.

“This is a small gift to our valued customers and an opportunity for us to celebrate our independence,” the post says.

Colin Ward, general manager of Chatom Ford, told McClatchy the dealership is not authorized to sell firearms. Instead, customers are given a certificate that allows them to pick out their own shotgun.

“We’re in a small area, very rural,” Ward said. “People here are extremely religious, patriotic. We felt like it might be a hit with our local community.”

Ward said a few customers have already taken advantage of the deal and that he gets several Facebook inquiries a day.

“It’s gotten way bigger than I expected it to,” he said.

The Facebook post about the deal has been shared more than 500 times since it was posted June 19 and has more than 150 comments.

“Great idea! I see a sales record on the way,” one person commented.

“Amen, right to bear arms and God bless the United States. God bless America,” another commenter wrote.

The deal is only available to persons over the age of 18 with a valid I.D. who can “pass all checks associated with owning a firearm,” Ward said.

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