Woman struck by Stan State student Nathan Damigo speaks out to Bay Area TV station

A protester who appears in a viral video being punched in the face by a California State University, Stanislaus student on Saturday, says she was standing by a wall searching for her boyfriend when she was hit.

“It all happened really fast,” Louise Rosealma says in a video taken by CBS San Francisco, describing the fight in Berkeley as an attack by white nationalists and neo-Nazis chasing her fleeing group, an Antifa anti-fascist collective from Southern California.

In the video that went viral, Rosealma appears to put her arms out to block an onrushing Nathan Damigo, a former Marine, who lands a single blow to her face that knocks her to the ground. Despite the ferocity of the hit, Rosealma on Monday shows only a small scratch on her nose and slight bruising.

In an earlier video, however, Rosealma is seen wearing a bandana covering most of her face and defending her group’s throwing of M-80 fireworks into the pro-Trump side of the protest.

Damigo, a junior majoring in social studies, created the Identity Evropa organization focused on turning university students against the “cultural Marxist narrative” and supporting the alt-right. On his Twitter page Monday, Damigo posted a photo of Half Dome and noting “Yosemite is beautiful today.”

Multiple attempts to reach him on Monday were unsuccessful.

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