Ripon police looking for half of couple robbery team

Police are looking for a man suspected in a series of commercial burglaries committed with a female companion.

Ripon detectives have linked two burglaries to the couple, and a handful of other police agencies are investigating them in connecting with similar burglaries as far west as Brentwood, according to Detective Sgt. Terri Jensen.

The couple is suspected of stealing credit cards from a vehicle in August and using them at the CVS pharmacy in Ripon later that day.

The man and woman also were caught on surveillance video breaking into the Ripona Market in the 200 block of Washington Street in mid-September.

The video shows the man hook a chain to the metal security door on the business and use his truck to rip it off. The female suspect can then be seen breaking the glass door, entering the store and taking money from the cash register.

Two weeks after the burglary, Ripon police searched the Salida home of 32-year-old Stephanie Lynn Boss, Jensen said.

Boss was arrested, but her boyfriend and suspected accomplice, Robert Ryan Smith, 43, was not at the home during the search.

Jensen said Boss contacted Smith on his cell phone shortly after her arrest. He admitted he took part in the burglary and implicated himself in several other burglary and stolen property cases.

Jensen said Smith agreed to turn himself in, but never did. She contacted him the next day when he again said he would surrender, but didn't.

Boss was arrested on suspicion of burglary, conspiracy, use of stolen credit cards and parole violation.

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