Pot-laced cookies leave Riverbank men dazed, confused

What started as a report of tainted food morphed into a misadventure worthy of Cheech and Chong, the iconic stoner comedy duo. "It turned out they had consumed too many marijuana-laced cookies," said deputy Royjindar Singh, a Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department spokesman, of the three men who ended up at Oak Valley Hospital on Thursday afternoon.

Singh said the men went to a friend's house on Ward Avenue in Riverbank, where the four friends ate the cookies. He said a family member picked up the three men and noticed they were in an altered state, slurring their speech and acting lethargic. He said the family member took the men to the Oakdale hospital. Deputies were called to the hospital to investigate a report that the men were unconscious after eating food. They were not unconscious, Singh said, but in an altered state. "What got our attention is when Oak Valley called us, they said the men had eaten something and were possibly poisoned."

The fourth man was not as impaired because he did not eat as much, Singh said. He said everyone cooperated in the investigation and no one was arrested.

The men's names were not available, but Singh said all of them are in their 30s. And all of the evidence had been consumed. "There were no cookies left," Singh said, "just the empty plate. Our deputies took the plate to the hospital so they could check it."

— Kevin Valine