Large bag of marijuana discovered in dumpster behind Modesto shopping center

A couple searching for recyclables in a dumpster behind the general store in the Frontier Town shopping center in Modesto on Wednesday morning found something of even greater value — a huge bag of marijuana.

The discovery was made at the shopping center at Tully Road and Standiford Avenue just before 8 a.m., according to Ontel Security Chief David McCann. The couple alerted an Ontel security officer, who called Modesto police.

McCann said an Ontel sergeant who responded to the scene estimated the bag of marijuana weighed about 10 pounds.

Modesto Police Lt. Aaron Tait said officers responded and took possession of the trash bag full of marijuana and two other bags of trimmings that were found in the dumpster.

He said officers contacted a man in the area who they believed might be connected to the marijuana. This could not be confirmed, but he was arrested anyway because he had a warrant and was a parolee at large.

McCann said this is the second time in a day that an Ontel officers have found marijuana in the trash. On Tuesday evening, an officer found marijuana plants near the Target on Sisk Road.