Stanislaus supervisors could approve pay hikes for sheriff’s sergeants and lieutenants

New labor contracts would eliminate salary cuts and increase pay for sergeants and lieutenants in the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.

Supervisors could approve the three-year agreements Tuesday for the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Management Association and the Sheriff’s Supervisors Association.

The contracts are almost identical to a deal approved this month for sworn deputies. A 5 percent salary cut dating to 2010 would be eliminated over the next 12 months.

The sheriff’s managers and supervisors also would see a 1 percent hike in pay this month and 2 percent increase in January 2017. The contracts include more compensation for Peace Officer Standards and Training certificates and higher on-call pay.

Since 2010, county employees have accepted 5 percent to 6 percent pay cuts to help county government recover from the Great Recession. Labor groups have recently sought to eliminate the cuts and increase base salaries for their members. The county has needed to negotiate new contracts with all 12 unions to replace agreements that ended June 30.

A report released Friday said there is enough confidence in the economic recovery to support the contracts with the sheriff’s managers and supervisors.

According to reports, the salary increases will cost the county $1.26 million over the three years, plus ongoing costs of almost $600,000 a year.