Births (7-7-2014)

The Bee publishes birth information from Kaiser Modesto Medical Center and Emanuel Medical Center. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center and Memorial Medical Center, do not provide the information. Families can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section. For more information, call (209) 578-2178.


Kaiser Modesto Medical Center

June 18

DENISON: Sherri and Drew, Modesto, boy

SILVA: Jessica and Joshua, Manteca, girl

LOZANO-NAVA: Ana and Samuel, Stockton, girl

June 19

RIVERA: Isabel and Salvador, Stockton, girl

THREET: Kristen and Jeffrey, Manteca, boy

CHAMBERLAIN: Ashley and Michael, Manteca, boy

DURAN: Maria and Jose Garcia, Stockton, girl

June 20

HANSEN: Danette, Modesto, boy

WISNIESKI: Melissa, Lathrop, girl

FORRETTE: Dan Mei and Anthony, Modesto, boy

REICHERT: Nikole and Ryann Cox, Escalon, girl

June 21

RIOS: Isabella and Tony Valdez, Modesto, boy

June 22

FLORES: Sonia and Juan Gutierrez, Modesto, boy

ACEVEDO: Gabriella and Antonio Jr., Oakdale, boy

June 23

ZAVALA: Andrea and Ryan Cain, Riverbank, boy

VERA: Gabriela and Jesse, Lathrop, boy

LEE: Elizabeth and Vue Thao, Modesto, boy

WILEY: Kathy and Brendan, Modesto, boy

June 24

SANCHEZ-RIVAS: Laura and Hector Rodriguez, Manteca, boy

Emanuel Medical Center

June 19

HASTING: Summer, Turlock, girl

BELL: Keara, Turlock, boy

ARROYO: Maria and Armando, Atwater, girl

SOLORIO: Lorena and Jose, Livingston, boy

June 20

LOPEZ: Lilia and Carlos Toscano, Modesto, boy

June 21

QUIRONEZ: Evelyn, Turlock, boy

PATEREAU: Tiffany and Peter, Turlock, girl

June 22

MUIRBROOK: Megan and Shay, Turlock, girl

CORONEL: Maria and Agustin Castaneda, Turlock, boy

KRUEGER: Patricia, Turlock, boy

June 23

PICHOLA: Kulvindar and Williams, Keyes, girl

ODISHO: Joan and Richard Denver, Hughson, boy

HERMOSILLO: Stephanie and Jose Godinez, Turlock, boy

June 24

BERBERENA, Christina, Turlock, boy

June 25

MAGANA-COVARRUBIAS: Griselda and Jose Piceno-Lopez, Atwater, boy