More heat to beat starting Sunday in Modesto area

Wesley Vincent, 20 months old, plays in the water fountain  at the Mistlin Park in Ripon.
Wesley Vincent, 20 months old, plays in the water fountain at the Mistlin Park in Ripon. dnoda@modbee.com

The gentle breezes and cool nights that kept summer’s swelter in check for a few days will evaporate starting today, with the return of three-digit temperatures. Predictions say the sizzle factor will top out Monday night, with highs slipping into the 90s by Wednesday.

“It’s going to warm up. We’re looking at 101 for you (today),” said Karl Swanberg, forecaster with the National Weather Service in Sacramento. “For Monday, 102 in Modesto. Tuesday, 100. Wednesday, 96.”

The second half of a choppy heat wave will be followed by some cooling by midweek, said Swanberg, as the Delta breezes return Wednesday and the forecast low dips into the mid-60s.

“Actually, we’ve got you for 68 for a low, looks like Tuesday morning; that’s probably going to be your warmest morning,” he said. “It’s good when you get into the 60s for overnight. You carry over less heat. You get some cooling and get ready for the next day.”

The heat is due to a strong high-pressure system that’s moving in but will weaken by midweek, he said.

“It’s going to be hot, but it’s not excessively hot,” Swanberg said. “This kind of heat we get several times in summer.”

Families hoping to beat the heat Saturday headed to the Mistlin Sports Park splash zone, where about 15 youngsters ran shrieking through the on-again, off-again sprays. The Ripon splash park recycles its water, making it a drought-friendly feature, according to Tony Mistlin, who contributed to building the fun-focused fountain.

For Melissa Sucrese of Tracy, the park offered a cool space to gather with family from Manteca.

“It’s a nice place for the cousins to meet and cool off,” Sucrese said, her eyes glued to her 3- and 4-year-olds stomping through the shooting water. “Every city should have one of these.”

Amber Allen’s 18-month-old twins braved the mini-blasts, and her 2-year-old raced between the water shots with cousins.

“We’ve been here quite a bit,” said the Riverbank mom. “This (fountain) is the only one open. The kids are too young to play in the river.”

Doyle Vincent relaxed under the massive shade structure adjacent to the sunny splash zone, watching his wife and daughter-in-law get wet chasing his 20-month-old grandson, Wesley Vincent. Visiting from the Fresno area, Vincent said Ripon heat did not impress him.

“This is nothing,” Vincent said. “It was 107 yesterday (in Fresno). This is nice.”

For those who want to escape the heat today, the mall or movie theater are good options. Find reviews and this week’s releases at www.modbee.com/movie-news-reviews. Libraries offer weekday escapes, with books on Alaska and articles on snowboarding, but not all are open every day.

For those staying home, here are some tips to stay safe in the heat:

•  Use your air conditioner. Fans alone won’t protect you from extreme heat.

•  If your indoor temperature remains above 90 degrees, seek shelter in an air-conditioned building.

•  Drink plenty of water and eat lighter meals.

•  Check on your neighbors, especially elderly folks who live alone.

•  Bring pets indoors.

•  Drink fruit juice or a sports beverage to replace salts and minerals lost during heavy sweating.

•  Use cool compresses, misting, cold showers and baths to help heat sufferers recover.

Do not leave children or pets in cars. KidsAndCars.org notes that about 37 children left in vehicles die of heat stroke every year.

“A parked car can reach 125 degrees in minutes, even when the windows are partially open,” according to the national nonprofit. “Children are especially vulnerable to heat stroke, as their body temperatures rise three to five times faster than an adult’s.”

The group suggests putting something you’ll need, like a cellphone, by your child’s car seat so there’s no chance the child will be forgotten. Also, use drive-through services when available to avoid leaving children alone in or around cars for even a minute.