Snow Tips


• Headless Snowman: Make a big snowman's body and have your children take turns posing with their heads on top for great photos.

• Water Colors: Fill hand spritzers with water and food coloring and send young artists out to paint the drifts.

• Powder-Puff Play: Use that same colorful spritzer to make finish lines, targets and boundaries to play games.

• Hat Trick: Try to toss a hat onto a snowman's head.

Source: FamilyFun.go.com.


• Have a low-impact snowball fight with Styrofoam balls.

• Stack Styrofoam packaging into forts.

• Use frosting to stick marshmallows together into mini snow people.

• Break out a box of fluffy Ivory Snow laundry detergent flakes. Mix with a little water to make moldable "snow."

• Fold white paper and snip out snowflakes to hang in mobiles or windows. Or download a snowflake at snowflakes.barkleyus.com.

• Play "The Nutcracker Suite" and dance as Snow Kings and Queens.


• Go midweek. Weekdays are less crowded, lessons more relaxed. Check for midweek discounts and specials.

• Pack snacks. Even if a hot meal out is the plan, snowy rides to anywhere can take longer than expected.

• Bring protection. Goggles or sunglasses screen the icy glare. Sunscreen and lip balm are musts.

• Bring plastic bags. Pack big bags for clothes changes, small bags for mittens and cell phones. If boots get wet inside, put on a fresh sock and a plastic bag, and head back to the fun.

• Mind your mittens. Try an idea from www.kidznsnow.com and attach mittens to wrists with elastic hairbands.

• Bring warmers. Squeezable packets keep fingers and toes toasty for hours.