Kubicek's teaching career most likely over

Carl Kubicek’s California teaching credential is suspended and will be revoked within days of Thursday’s sentencing, said Lee Pope, assistant general counsel with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

The commission also sends out an "all-points bulletin" to school districts and education agencies throughout the state. The bulletin includes information on teachers with revoked licenses and identifying data for potential employers.

Pope said a felony sex conviction means Kubicek never can apply for reinstatement of his teaching credential.

Deputy District Attorney Annette Rees said Kubicek’s defense attorney could attempt to knock the felony convictions down to misdemeanors if Kubicek successfully completes his three-year probation.

Pope said such a scenario could allow Kubicek to reapply for a California teaching credential, although no credential ever has been reinstated under such conditions.

"The burden is on them to show they’ve been rehabilitated," Pope said.