The Bee publishes birth information from Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, either ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section; for information, call 578-2053.



Doctors Medical Center

Sept. 22

MILLER: Carolyn and Tracy, Modesto, girl

Memorial Medical Center

Oct. 7

FITZPATRICK: Jenise and Ryn, Modesto, boy

HERNANDEZ: Leigha and Daniel, Salida, girl

LISING: Monette and Jacobson Kliatchko, Modesto, girl

Oct. 6

MARQUEZ: Leticia and Jesus, Merced, girl

MEDINA: Debbie and Andres, Newman, boy

PADILLA: Erica and Abel, Modesto, boy

RICO: Nichole and Marcus Jones, Modesto, boy

RONNING: Michelle and Rob, Salida, girl

VASS: Brittany and Christopher, Oakdale, girl

Oct. 5

JOHNSON: Guadalupe and Brent, Turlock, girl

LEAZER: Eva and Clinton, Modesto, boy

NORRIS: Christina and Benjamin, Modesto, girl

VAN VOORST: Leah and Scott, Ripon, girl

Oct. 4

ROBLEDO: Cristina and Daniel, Modesto, boy

WILKINS: Megan and Jason, Modesto, girl

Oct. 3

ANDERSON: Debora and Jeremy, Turlock, girl

BRADFORD: Sabrina and Winslow Jones Jr., Modesto, boy

HEINRICH: Theresa and Eric, Modesto, girl

SCHEEL: Patricia and Kurt, Modesto, boy

TOSCANO: Brenna and Todd Nerell, Los Banos, boy

Oct. 2

EIVAZ: Jennifer and Ron, Turlock, girl

SANCHEZ: Myrna, Modesto, girl

SIMPSON: Shauntay and Joshua Marrujo, Modesto, boy

Oct. 1

BERBEREIA: Casandra and Luis, Delhi, boy

GUZMAN: Maria and Gustavo Mora, Modesto, boy

KNIZEVSKI: Katie and Jacobo Lopez, Delhi, girl

LEAL: Roxx Ann and Jose Lopez Jr., Modesto, boy

MARTIN: Tracy and Travis, Empire, girl

SOLIS: Tiana and Jorge Perez, Lathrop, girl

WOMACK: Stephanie and Michael, Turlock, girl

Sep. 30

ADAMS: Angelique and Joe Altamirano, Modesto, girl

ESTRADA: Rocio and Victor Chacon, Modesto, girl

MATTOX: Tanya and Justin Allen, Modesto, girl

PARKER: Stacy and Steven, Turlock, girl

RIDDLE: Tracey and Matt, Ripon, girl

SEQUEIRA: Jennifer and Felipe Morales, Ceres, boy

Sep. 29

VALLEJO: Claudia and Enrique, Riverbank, boy


Oak Valley Hospital

Oct. 5

PLASCENCIA: Maria and Martin, Modesto, boy


Emanuel Medical Center

Oct. 8

MUNOZ: Azucena, Turlock, boy

RUESGA: Erica, Hughson, girl

VALENCIA: Noemi, Livingston, boy

Oct. 7

JAIME: Maria and Humberto, Winton, girl

MULHOLLEN: Miranda, Turlock, boy

MUNSON: Christina and Michael, Merced, boy

PADILLA: Angelica and Miguel, Ceres, boy

PEREZ: Shaney and Francisco, Turlock, girl

PRINCE: Patricia and Alan, Merced, boy

Oct. 6

DASILVA: Sandra and Art, Hilmar, girl

MILLER: Rachel and Richard, Los Banos, girl

Oct. 5

MACHADO: Erica and Jose, Merced, boy

Oct. 4

AMARAL: Tashina, Los Banos, boy

Oct. 3

ALCANTARA: Karla and Luis Morales, Keyes, boy

DWIGHT: Hilary and Nathan, Denair, girl

LEIDICH: Joanie and Tim, Atwater, boy

SOARES: Sandy and Joshua, Atwater, boy

Oct. 2

BARRETT: Tonia and Brandon, Turlock, boy

GARCIA: Nicole and John, Hilmar, boy

GONZALEZ: Margarita and Salvador Dela Cruz, Turlock, boy

QUEZADA: Adriana, Turlock, boy

Oct. 1

WARREN: Brandi, Turlock, boy