News & Notes

Levy's death focus of newspaper series

The disappearance and death of former Modestan Chandra Levy is making headlines again in Washington, D.C. The Washington Post began a 12-part series Sunday, the culmination of a yearlong investigation into her death. The series is written in chapters, some of which touch on Levy's relationship with former Democratic Rep. Gary Condit of Ceres. Post reporters also interviewed Levy's parents, police officials, investigators and potential suspects. To read the series, go to www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/metro/specials/chandra.

GPS tracks progress of ambitious hike

Bee reporter Eve Hightower is hiking Mount Williamson today, the second-highest peak in California at 14,389 feet. She's carrying a global positioning system that allows anyone with Internet access to follow her and her crew. To watch their progress, click on a link at modbee.com/travel.

3 auditor finalists will be interviewed

The Modesto City Council today is interviewing three finalists who applied to become the city auditor. Voters approved a government reform measure in February that required the council to hire an auditor. Previously, the city clerk oversaw contracts for financial auditors. The next auditor is expected to take up performance reviews to determine whether city programs are running efficiently and accomplishing their objectives.

Whiners? Hardly the case, Dr. Phil 2

Former Texas Congressman Phil Gramm recently chided Americans for being "whiners." Columnist Bob Herbert offers his take of what Gramm's remarks mean for the presidential race.


75 YEARS AGO: Police ordered the evacuation of the hobo camp known as Prosperity Retreat, a wide assortment of shacks under the old Tuolumne River Bridge. What started as one burlap and packing box lean-to gained in population as the Depression grew and at one time an "official" census showed 287 residents. Police officers went around calling on the various people and telling them to pack up and get going. When all had moved on, the shacks were to be demolished.

25 YEARS AGO: Super motorcyclist and Modesto native Kenny Roberts was making his only Northern California appearance at the 12th annual Champion Spark Plug 200 road race at Monterey's Laguna Seca Raceway. -- Karen Aiello