The Bee publishes birth information from Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, either ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section; for information, call 578-2053.



Memorial Medical Center

March 31

MAYNARD: Jessica and Keith Dodson, Modesto, boy

March 30

CHAVEZ: Ivette and Jorge Olivas,

Modesto, girl

MENDONSA: Sarah and Michael Castle, Modesto, boy

REYNOSA: Maria and Salvador, Patterson, boy

March 29

ALVES: Jennifer and David, Modesto, boy

BORBA: Phyllis and Louie, Hilmar, boy

MORENO: Alma and Victor Jacobo, Oakdale, boy

MUNOZ: Coleen and Victor, Modesto, girl

March 28

TABOR: Christine and Daniel Gertz,

Modesto, boy

March 27

DAMIAN: Jacklyn, Modesto, girl

FRIEDBERG: Brittany, Salida, girl

SANCHEZ: Jennifer and David, Modesto, boy

SHINN: Janae and Justin, Ceres, girl

STORTS: Kathleen and Carl, Turlock, girl

WHITFORD: Jennie and Michael, Oakdale, girl

March 26

DORMAN: Blyse and Miguel Quintero, Modesto, girl

EHN: Aileen and Erik, Patterson, girl

FAHEY: Jayne and Michael, Escalon, girl

GUZMAN: Rosalva and Sergio Jimenez, Keyes, girl

LEATHERMAN: Kelli and Francisco Prado, Ceres, boy

MARTINEZ: Silvia and Chris Roman, Modesto, girl

SMITH: Nicole and Gavin, Turlock, boy

March 25

BLACKSHER: Shelly, Ceres, girl

BULLARD: Brandi and Michael,

Livingston, girl

GONZALEZ: Diana and Jose Carlos, Delhi, girl

POPE: Stacia and Joshua, Modesto, girl

March 24

SALCEDO: Violeta and Olaf Mandujano, Patterson, boy


Oakdale Valley Hospital

March 18

FRANCO: Esmeralda and Luis Alfonso, Oakdale, boy


Emanuel Medical Center

April 2

CASTILLO: Janeth and Edwin, Modesto, boy

TOEWS: Mary and Chad, Turlock, boy

WILSON: Sara and Larry, Turlock, girl

April 1

CORONA: Sandra, Turlock, boy

CORTES: Elvira and Hector, Riverbank, boy

FUENTES: Diana, Denair, boy

PEAVY: Beth and Ryan, Modesto, girl

RENTERIA: Vianey, Atwater, boy

March 31

CORONA: Yesica, Turlock, girl

COSTA: Mariaelena and David, Delhi, girl

DE LOS ANGELES: Alyssa, Turlock, girl

GILES: Anai, Livingston, girl

JOHNSON: Megan, Turlock, girl

LOZA: Imelda and Armando, Turlock, girl

MONTES: Yahaira, Turlock, boy

RAMOS: Claudia, Dos Palos, girl

WIELINSKI: Cynthia and Ricardo Pena, Livingston, boy

March 30

ARGUELLO: Corinna and Roger, Ceres, boy

HUERTA: Mayra and Alonzo, Turlock, boy

JACQUEZ: Jamie and Juan, Ceres, girl

LIN: Winni and Tsang Liu, Modesto, girl

SLIGER: Rachael, Turlock, girl

March 29

ESPINOZA: Guadalupe and Gilberto,

Manteca, boy

HENSEL: Alyson and Josh, Modesto, girl

LOPEZ: Sheri and David, Modesto, girl

YEO: Andrea, Hughson, girl

March 28

ALVARES: Jessica, Livingston, twin boys

BILLECI: Natasha, Salida, girl

CAVAZOS: Bebecca and Christopher, Salida, girl

GOMEZ: Leticia and Javier, Turlock, girl

LAGUNAS: Cindy and Misael, Ceres, boy

RANGEL: Teresa and Jose, Grayson, boy

ROMO: Yamili and Moises, Turlock, boy

STALLWORTH: Sabrina, Modesto, boy

March 27

BOOKE: Desire, Livingston, girl

HINDS: Tiffeny, Delhi, boy

MORALES: Veronica and Jose, Turlock, girl

PULTZ: Chelsea and Brian, Escalon, girl

RAMOS: Maria and Luis, Turlock, boy

ROGERS: Candy and Dalroy, Turlock, girl

SINGH: Saran and Ranjesh, Turlock, girl

SMITH: Kristi and Stephen, Manteca, girl

March 26

PROSSER: Michelle and Stacey, Ripon, boy

MALDONADO: Andrea and Arturo,

Newman, girl

RODRIGUEZ: Rosa and Carlos, Ceres, girl