News & Notes

Possible tax hikes advance to council

The Modesto City Council's Finance Committee has pushed forward policies for council consideration that would increase taxes to fix Modesto's storm drains and boost its public safety ranks. The committee's approval gives city staff members the go-ahead to continue investigating these policies, which could not take effect without a supermajority vote during an election, said Modesto City Councilman Brad Hawn. This would require at least two-thirds approval from voters. The City Council likely will hear more about these policies in April, Hawn said. The committee also urged further investigation into money Modesto pays to support the Stanislaus County animal shelter. The county has asked the city to contribute more money for services and toward the construction of a new shelter, Hawn said. The committee asked staffers to compare this option to the possibility of handling its own animals.


50 YEARS AGO: In a preliminary housing report based on findings from the 1950 census, three of every 10 dwelling units in Stanislaus County either were structurally dilapidated, or without running water or a private bathroom, classifying them as substandard.

25 YEARS AGO: Pacific Telephone was to begin distributing 225,000 copies of the 1983 Stanislaus County Telephone Directory. The new directory was only a little thicker than the 1982 version, with 16 additional white pages of subscriber listings and a 32-page increase in the Yellow Pages. The 1983 edition included seven pages of merchant coupons.

-- Karen Aiello