Stanislaus County supervisors watch

On Tuesday, the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors:

Approved an application to expand the county's enterprise zone by 809 acres, with 620 acres in Turlock and 189 acres in Patterson. The enterprise zone provides tax incentives for companies that hire employees or purchase equipment. The current enterprise zone, approved two years ago, encompasses 67,509 acres. The Turlock area is part of the city's Westside Industrial Specific Plan, and is scheduled for annexation to the city. The Patterson land is in three parcels: eight acres in the north area of the city where Highway 33 and Ward Avenue meet; 138 acres along Highway 33 between Olive and Sperry avenues and including downtown commercial areas; and 43 acres in the south, including commercially zoned property. The expansion needs the approval of the California Housing and Community Development Agency. The county can expand the enterprise zone by 10,126 acres, according to state rules on the zones.

Vote: Unanimous, consent calendar

Agreed to pay a consulting firm $87,420 to come up with an alternate method of setting garbage collection rates. The current policy is perceived as difficult to understand, although it seems to work well, according to a staff report. The new method would rely on consumer and commodity price indexes, and would be reviewed every three years. At the request of Supervisor Dick Monteith, county CEO Rick Robinson was instructed to review the county's contracts for disposal companies.

Vote: Unanimous

Authorized the county library to use $217,269 in public facilities fees to buy books, DVDs, and audiovisual and other materials. The fees are collected from developers to cover the costs of additional services related to development. The new materials are needed to keep pace with the growing population, according to the staff report.

Vote: Unanimous, consent calendar

Awarded a contract to Arc Catering and Specialties to provide meals at Juvenile Hall. The county would pay $10.11 per day per inmate for three meals and a snack. The bid by Arc Catering is slightly lower than the current contract, also provided by Arc Catering, of $10.19 per day. The probation department budgeted $633,386 for Juvenile Hall meals, based on an average of 170 minors and staff per day.

Vote: Unanimous, consent calendar

Set a public hearing and ballot counting for 9:10 a.m. April 8 on the formation of a county service area in Keyes. The service area would levy fees on property owners to pay for maintenance of the Keyes storm drain system and a new park to be installed over the next two years. Residential parcels would be assessed $159.58 per year. The service area proposal would dissolve service areas in the Raymond Tract, the La Jolla area and Sunray Estates, folding those areas into the new service area.

Vote: Unanimous, consent calendar

Accepted a grant of $23,490 from the Department of Justice for equipment to help investigate and prosecute sellers of pirated entertainment media. The communications and recording equipment would be used in undercover investigations focused mostly on vendors at flea markets who sell pirated material. The investigations will be handled through the district attorney's Consumer Fraud Unit.

Vote: Unanimous, consent calendar

— Tim Moran
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