What they said

'I'm fundamentally opposed to additional taxes, and I know

(two other Turlock councilmen) are, too. That said, we've done the best job we could. I'm going to at least vote to allow the public to

tax themselves to

improve our roads.'

-- Ted Howze,

Turlock City Council

'The consulting group

(in 2006) said people don't trust elected officials. I didn't agree and I still don't agree. There must be 50 electeds in this county, and we all got elected, so somebody must trust us.'

-- Farrell Jackson,

Oakdale mayor

'If each city's voters understand what they'll get out of this deal because of what their electeds are telling them, they'll have stronger confidence it will happen rather than the oblique statement, "You've got to trust us on this." '

-- Jeff Grover,

Stanislaus County supervisor

'The state gas tax is barely covering maintenance on the state highway system, which is aging. Counties that have these (transportation taxes) are ahead

of the curve.'

-- Sarah West, Self-Help Counties Coalition, Sacramento

'We really need to start thinking about what we're losing by not being a self-help county. Just cross the county line to the north to see how much their roads are improved.'

-- Becky Campo,

Patterson mayor

'It's a huge leap of faith on the part of the county to make this commitment to the cities.'

-- Tim Kerr,

Turlock city manager

'It's pretty simple:

Tell the public what you're going to do and where you're going to do it. If they come up with a good plan, we (might) not be opposed.'

-- Ernie Foote,

acting president, Stanislaus Taxpayers Association (which has yet to take a position)

'We're all going to be waiting 100 years before we can build anything

in this county, if we

don't do this.'

-- Anthony Cannella,

Ceres mayor

'The whole pretense of the discussion (at Tuesday's Modesto City Council meeting) was, "Approve the concept to raise everyone's taxes

and we'll get back to you with a plan." '

-- Dave Thomas,

past president, Stanislaus Taxpayers Association

'I can't predict (Tuesday's council vote). I'm hopeful we will be flexible and consider being team players and joining with our neighbors to get

this through.'

-- John Lazar, Turlock mayor

'When the state is telling you, "If you raise your taxes, we'll give you back some," that's extortion as far as I'm concerned. As a citizen, I'm sick and tired of taxes. The whole attitude of government is always raising taxes, and that's not always

the answer.'

-- Will O'Bryant,

Modesto City Council

it's all for naught.'

-- Bill Bassitt, chief executive officer, Stanislaus Economic Development

and Workforce Alliance