Modesto gutter sinking

People driving through the intersection at Roselle and Sylvan avenues might notice the gutter is sinking.

Contractor Teichert Construction will repair the section under warranty at no cost to the city, said Kris Ohlson, senior civil engineer for Modesto.

Repairs could have began as early as Monday. Since an inspector noticed a couple of weeks ago that the gutter had sunk about an inch, it has dropped an additional 2½ to 3 inches, Ohlson said. It doesn't pose a driving hazard, because vehicles don't typically drive along the gutter, he said.

But he said crews might have to cordon off the slow lane in order to tear up the curb and gutter and surrounding grass and pack in more dirt. Ohlson said crews suspect the problem stems from workers failing to fully compact dirt around a pipeline while building the curb and gutter.