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DUI checks slated on Modesto streets

Members of the Modesto Police Department's Traffic Unit will conduct drunken driving and driver's license checkpoints three times over the next 10 days. Checkpoints will be established at undisclosed locations within the city limit Friday, Monday and Jan. 26. Each checkpoint will be staffed by eight officers and a sergeant. The goal is to save lives by reducing crashes caused by drunken driving. "Driving under the influence is a crime that occurs 24 hours a day, said DUI enforcement officer Randy Davis. "We are committed to enforcing DUI laws during all hours of the day."

Murder suspect must stand trial

A Stanislaus County judge Tuesday ordered Timothy Carrillo of Ceres to stand trial on two murder charges. The case stems from an early morning argument while the combatants were eating pizza that escalated into a gunfight. Pete Garcia, 29, died after he exchanged gunfire with Carrillo, and Cary Thompson Jr., 22, was caught in the crossfire as he slept on a living room couch. The men, both from Modesto, died at the scene. Page B-2


50 YEARS AGO: Modesto gunsmith

Glen Beane was elected president of the Old Fisherman's Club at the group's annual meeting. Beane succeeded Arch Taylor, who was presented with a traveling bag and life membership in recognition of his tenure as president the previous year.

-- Karen Aiello