Book of Dreams contributors



GOAL: $85,605

Yvonne Allen

Rachel Baker

Alvera and Donald Baumgratz

Vicki and Jerry Bayley

Barbara Bogart

Jeff and Cindy Boster

Denise and Steven Chavez

Gloria Chin

Anna Ciccarelli

Brian and Pat Clark

Lowell and Pat Clark

Carl and Carolyn Claybaugh

Jill and Richard Connolly

Patricia and Michael Cousins

Ruth Crabtree

Katie Cullen

Billie Cushway

Charlotte Davis

Enochs High School Leadership Students

Raymond Erwan

Judith Garcia

Bob Garcia

Helen George

Nancy George

Sandra Germany

Joanne Gleason

John and Roberta Greenstreet

Jackie and Ron Greenwood

Mark and Nancy Haskett

John and Doris Heisel

Rita Hidahl

Don and Margaret Higgins

Sherry, Haylee and Stewart Huskey

Louis and Elvera Jiminez

William and Lynn Kisner

Dave Kline

Ruth Larkin

Leslie and Gwenlyn Larsen

Hart and Adriana Laurence

Marsha and Thomas Love

Cindy Manning

Beverly Marchbanks

Anne Martin

Lorinne Taglio McKnight

Gerald and Katherine Milhollan

Leo and Marge Morris

James and Opal Musser

Tom Myers

Nathaniel Nash

Theresa Norden

Rose Noriega

Oakdale Inferno Girls Soccer Team

Lee Ockey

Shay, Taylor and Colt Ockey

Kaye and Jerry Osborn

Pat Ousdahl

Pacific West Development

Doug Payne Family

Sid and Carol Postma

Betty and Bill Preuss

Glenn M. Race

Ruben and Mary Ellen Ramos

Franklin and Patricia Rego

Naomi Reynolds, MD

Amy Rocha

Frances Rocha

Donald and Arline Ross

R. and D. Russell

Sue and Steve Salnick

Ramona Schwan

Gerry Sherman

Gail Simi

Barbara Sisson

Joan Smith

Mark and Jeanie Smith

Lee and Jim Striplin

E. Louise and Jerry Surber

Spencer and Christine Tacke

Patty and Ray Tharp

Sally Tighe

Lydia Toledo

Timothy Tomicich

Robert Vestey

Robert and Barbara Volpi

Maria Wagoner

Mary Walker

Patrick and Kathy Withrow


Amy and George Allbritten

Deborah Ange and Ronald Azevedo

Norma Bertrand

Tim Bettencourt

Jimmie and Shirley Bledsoe

Mack and Charlene Brandt

Greg and Kelly Carr

Jean Joseph and Mary Jane Castagne

Barbara Chandler

Sandra Cissell

Darlene and Dennis Cornwall

Paul and Karen Cornwell

Kenn Cunningham

Ron and Lynn Dickerson

Bob and Jane Disney

Wayne and Dorothy Donahue

David Donovan

Michael and Bonnie Doyle

Elizabeth Essa

P.C. Ferguson

Sharon and David Froba

Joe and Emily Gomes

Jeff and Deorah Gregory

Tena Heckendorf

Bill and Anita Hinrichsen

Cindy and Tom Hornback

LaVonne Houlton

Hughson Lodge I.O.O.F. 461

Jason Hukill

Raelyn and Jim Jiminez

David Johnston

Carol Jorritsma

Peggie Kaelin

Rick Kaepernick

Mary and Rufus Keaton

Linda Kenyon

Steve and Michi Kirihara

Michael and G. Susan Kiyoi

Johan and Eva Kroeze

Dale and Heather Kujawski

Susan Larseon

Charles and Dori Lockett

Martha Loeffler

Roland Loeffler

Gus Lomeli Family

Steve Malmberg

Ed and Sara Martin

Marlys Martin

Isabell McKay

Marilyn McKnight

Tim and Sue Moran

M. Colleen Murphy

Kathleen Nelson

Catherine and Charles Quittmeyer

Kathy and Edwin Riley

Edward and Dellayne Rocha

Hank and Ada Schoorl

Mary Ann Segars

Janice Segars

Pat Shimmon

Jim, Peggy, Lexi and Andrew Shiovitz

John and Marion Shores

Elizabeth Silveira

Hardip and Emily Singh

Franklin Snell

Garth and Cathy Stapley

Tommi Lou and Wally Stone

Jack Strang

Paul Tischer

Mark and Pam Vasché

Ed and Hellen Willhide

Pauline Woodward

Carol Wright


Arlyn and Teresa Antolak

Availability Personnel Services

John Campopiano

Herbert and Susan Dompe

Jim Frunz

Bill and Nancy Koski

Martin and Sharon Peterson

Steve Ray

John and Sarah Schonwald

Stanislaus Area Democrats


Central Valley Medical Group Management Association

Robert Dirocco

Bob and Marie Gallo

Joe Martini

Madison and Morgan McKat

Greg and Margaret Randazzo

Roger and Delsie Schrimp

Sconyers & Associates

Vern Silva

Tom Holliday and Susan Windemuth


Dot Foods, Inc.

Family Health Care Medical Group

E.&J. Gallo Winery

Dennis McMahon

Del and Paula Morris

Mistlin Honda

Save Mart Employee Fund

Soroptimist of Ceres

Dr. C.D. Yates Family Trust


Silva Tile


Santa Claus

Keith Crow

Dick Cunningham

Ham Cunningham

Debra Brady

Norma and Jim Fernandes

Cindy Cunningham Gipp

My grandchildren


Lance and Kent Kaepernick

Annie Kirihara

Will and Sami Koski

Masen, Bailee, Ashley & Alyssa

Janyce and Paul Mack

Jim Manning

Matthew Manning

Thomas Manning

Claude and Jean McKnight

Linda and Jack Miller

Camille Christine Nelson

Scott Ousdahl

Jackie Phillips

The parents of Ruben and Mary Ellen Ramos

Bailey Rocha

Brittany Rocha

Karen E. Silva

Mary Simoes

Ed and Cathy Thomas

Darlene Viohl

Talia and Liana Yates



Vider M. Bjorjland

Mary Boster

Ryan Dickerson

Donald Goldstein

Ed Hayward

Alma Johnson

Bailey Rocha

Vonnie Schmitt

A wonderful Grandma, Verda

Vern Williams

Franklin Yates

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