News & Notes


50 YEARS AGO: Modesto's new police chief, George Bowers, assumed his duties and called for teamwork. City Manager Ross Miller and Capt. William Coulson, who had served as interim chief for the summer after James Neel resigned, welcomed Bowers to the city.

25 YEARS AGO: The world's largest pumpkin pie was made in Manteca on the opening day of the eighth annual Manteca Pumpkin Festival. The pie measured 8 feet 3 inches from rim to rim and was so heavy that the picnic table holding it had to be propped up as the filing was poured. The pie cost $250 to make and took 100 32-ounce cans of seasoned pumpkin, 75 packages of instant pudding, 20 quarts of dry milk powder, 2 pounds of gelatin and 2 pounds of sugar. Pieces topped with whipped cream were sold at the festival for 50 cents.