Probation, 30 days for former cop

STOCKTON -- A former Ripon police officer was sentenced to three years of probation Tuesday for engaging in a lewd act and attempting sexual intercourse with a then-17-year-old girl.

San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Stephen Demetras also sentenced 34-year-old Daniel Icedo to 30 days in jail. But the judge said he would recommend that Icedo serve the sentence in an alternative work program on account of his past in law enforcement.

However, he implored Icedo to own up to his actions.

"He is not going to be very successful in counseling if he does not take responsibility," Demetras said, referring to what he described as Icedo's track record of minimizing the offense.

Icedo pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge in August.

In exchange, prosecutors dropped misdemeanor sexual battery and molestation charges related to a July 2006 encounter with the girl, who was enrolled in the department's Explorer program. Icedo was an adviser to the program.

"This poor lady was put in a situation where she had a mentor," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Patrick O'Hern. "She was a cadet and probably looked up very highly to this police of- ficer ... and I think Mr. Icedo took advantage. He had a plan that moved progressively from verbal contact to physical contact. And what bothers me is that there really has been no admission of culpability."

Icedo declined comment after the hearing.

He went on administrative leave from the Ripon Police Department in October 2006, and his employment ended Feb. 1. Police Chief Richard Bull declined to give more details, saying the issue is a personnel matter.

O'Hern described to the judge a pattern in which Icedo's comments drifted further from culpability and possibly toward making "him look less guilty."

"What I note is less and less an admission of culpability. All he has said is that it was bad judgment, not misconduct. It worries me," O'Hern said.

Still, Demetras declined to require Icedo register as a sex offender after raising the possibility at the August plea hearing.

He cited Icedo's previously clean criminal record and said, "It is unlikely he will ever get a position in law enforcement or a position of any trust (again)."

But he left open the possibility of requiring Icedo to register should he fail to adhere to conditions of probation. The judge ordered him to report for probation Oct. 16 and to the San Joaquin County Jail on Nov. 16.

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