Dog shot following trespass complaint

A Stanislaus County sheriff's deputy shot a large pit bull Wednesday when the dog charged at three deputies as they investigated complaints of trespassing, a department spokesman said.

The deputy shot the brown and white dog three times, deputy Royjindar Singh said. He did not know the animal's condition Wednesday night.

The names of the owners of the dog were not available. They lived in the home at which the shooting occurred and were not trespassing.

After the shooting, the deputies told the owners to take the dog to a veterinarian for treatment, which they did, Singh said. The deputies did not call county animal control officers.

The shooting was treated like a crime scene, and investigators arrived to collect evidence, including the three shell casings, Singh said.

The name of the deputy who shot the dog was not released. Singh said it will be revealed today in accordance with department policy. The deputy remained on duty.

The incident started at 12:13 p.m. when deputies arrived at the 1900 block of Vernon Drive, just east of South Carpenter Road, to investigate reports of trespassing. There are about five homes that sit at the end of the property, and there had been several complaints from nearby residents about squatters, Singh said.

Animal was not on a leash

The deputies spotted a woman standing in front of her home with the dog, which was not on a leash, Singh said. They told the woman to put the dog away, which she did.

The deputies talked to some people and checked to see if any of them had arrest warrants. Singh said those who didn't live there were told to move on, and the deputies started leaving the property.

One deputy led the way with the two other following behind. The deputy in front spotted the dog outside the same home, only this time the dog was alone. Singh said the home did not have a front-yard fence and the dog was not leashed.

The dog was about 40 yards away and snarling, Singh said, then started charging at the deputy. The dog was six feet from the officer and well away from its yard when it was shot, Singh said.

The injured dog went inside the house and the owners came outside, Singh said. They put their pet in a car and drove off to find treatment.

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