Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors watch

The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday:

Acknowledged the receipt of the Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike Designation for county health care clinics. The designation will mean an additional $6.4 million annually in reimbursements for medical treatment of Medi-Cal and Medicare patients. The board also agreed to create the position of medical director for the clinics to comply with the new federal guidelines. The medical director will supervise the physicians in the county clinics and work with clinic supervisors on operational issues, according to Mary Ann Lee, county Health Services Agency director. The position will pay $142,833 to $214,260. Dr. Del Morris, who currently acts in a consultative role as clinics medical director, is expected to take the position, Lee said.

Vote: Unanimous

Accepted the resignation of Ken Patterson, Community Services Agency director. Patterson is taking a job as managing director of Casey Family Programs, a child welfare services foundation based in Seattle. His resignation is effective Nov. 16. County Chief Executive Officer Rick Robinson said the supervisors were aware that Patterson might retire in the next few years, but the resignation took them by surprise. "We really value Ken's leadership in the organization. We will really miss him," Robinson said. Patterson has headed the Community Services Agency for five years.

Vote: Unanimous

Accepted an anonymous donation of $5,449.88 for the purchase of a "Kitty Kastle" for the animal shelter. The structure allows cats and kittens at the shelter to exercise outdoors away from the airborne diseases that are prevalent in the poorly ventilated shelter. The structure was installed in August and early September.

Vote: Unanimous

Accepted a report on the Salida Community Plan. The plan, approved 19 years ago, includes 700 acres of residential, commercial and public lands for schools, parks and storm drains. The development has been completed, except for a few road and storm drain projects. The board authorized staff to finish the projects with money remaining in funds set up for the improvements.

Vote: On consent calendar, unanimous