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Holbrook cancels because of illness

Hal Holbrook has canceled his Oct. 12 performance of "Mark Twain Tonight" at the Gallo Center for the Arts' Rogers Theater. Dave Pier, executive director of the center, said Holbrook, 82, is ill and has been advised by doctors not to perform this fall. He was released from the hospital Tuesday, and has been restricted from working for the next two to three months. About 600 tickets have been sold and will be refunded, Pier said. He said he hopes to reschedule Holbrook in the spring, but it might not be possible until the 2008-09 season. For more information, call the Gallo Center at 338-2100.


50 YEARS AGO: Dwayne Lilly, court clerk, said assuming that no new lawsuits were filed, it would take about three years to clear all existing cases from the Stanislaus County Superior Court calendars. There were 266 pending cases, with 137 civil actions awaiting jury trials, 118 civil cases to be heard without a jury and 11 criminal cases awaiting jury trials.

-- Karen Aiello