Council Watch

The Modesto City Council on Tuesday is scheduled to vote on:

  • Setting July 19 as the date for next year's Xclamation Festival.
  • Extending the time period in which the Modesto Redevelopment Agency can help finance projects.
  • Accepting a report from the Modesto Charter Review Committee that encourages the council to place a measure on the February ballot that would increase the power of council members, raise their pay and make other adjustments to the document that guides city government.
  • Reviewing a financial report describing the city's spending in the 2006-07 budget year.
  • Creating financial assistance programs to help homeowners get security deposits for rentals if they lose their homes to foreclosures.
  • Setting aside $72,800 to fund Modesto's new mobile-home rent control program, which is aimed at protecting seniors from sharp rent increases.
  • Finalizing a a memorandum of understanding that would allow mobile home park owners exceptions to a rent-control ordinance if they offer city-approved leases.
  • Extending a fee waiver for one of the airport charges owed by Sky Trek Aviation.
  • Spending up to $54,582 on water-quality software for the Public Works Department.
  • Approving a water supply study for the proposed 72-acre Woodglen annexation.
  • Buying three police dogs at a cost of $20,010.
  • Allowing a police officer to purchase a retiring police dog for $1.
  • Applying for two parks-related grants.
  • Buying a $71,464 walk-in freezer for the Police Department evidence room.
  • Purchasing a parking citation system for the Finance Department for $89,103.
  • Accepting a report on the city's use of temporary labor in the 2006-07 budget year.
  • In addition, the council has two discussion items that do not require votes:

  • Discussing in closed session steps the council can take to hire retiring City Manager George Britton's successor.
  • Addressing concerns about management at the Modesto Airport filed by two residents.
  • -- Adam Ashton

    The Modesto City Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. in the basement chamber of Tenth Street Place, 1010 10th St.