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THREE-ALARM FIRE AT SENIOR HOUSING COMPLEX: An early morning fire at an Oakdale senior housing complex left more than 14 people displaced Tuesday night, officials said. Emergency operators got the call at 2:22 a.m. and the fire quickly grew to three alarms at Oak Haven Senior Housing, 470 E. A St., said Sgt. Michael Eggener with the Oakdale Police Department. One of the building's wings was left uninhabitable. Twenty-two units were affected, said Emergency Resources Director Jim Money of the American Red Cross, which has spent $5,000 on aid after the fire. The Red Cross cared for 85 seniors who were evacuated during the fire, and fed breakfast to 200 people, including rescue personnel. The Red Cross placed 14 people in a hotel; others stayed with family members, he said. Eggener was one of the first responders to the scene. He had to break into a room in which a 90-year-old woman was trapped and carry her outside to safety. Her son approached Eggener later to thank him. "You're the first man in 40 years to sweep my mother off her feet," Eggener said the son told him.