Council Watch

The Modesto City Council on Tuesday is scheduled to:

  • Consider splitting the Public Works Department into a Municipal Utilities Department and a Transportation Department. The request was designed to create more-efficient departments with clear chains of command, but it could cost an extra $246,000 out of the city's strapped general fund. The council delayed a decision on this request in June because of financial concerns; the city's budget outlook has worsened since then.
  • Hear an appeal from a property owner whose request to subdivide a 1-acre parcel on Scenic Drive into four lots was rejected by the Planning Commission.
  • Update zoning codes to encourage affordable housing developments.
  • Allow the Police Department to provide evidence opposing a mass release of state prisoners under consideration by a federal court.
  • Award a $75,767 bid to put a new roof on the King-Kennedy Memorial Center.
  • Sign off on a request from the Modesto Irrigation District to hire engineers to design a fix for water intrusion problems at a city water- treatment plant. Modesto could spend as much as $733,700 on the contract.
  • Hire Concord engineering firm Harris and Associates for on-call construction management services. The contract allows Modesto to spend as much as $199,160.
  • -- Adam Ashton

    The Modesto City Council will meet Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the basement chambers of Tenth Street Place, 1010 10th St.